Frequently Asked Question

Everything you need to know to in the world of Soltato.

Purchasing a Soltato is super simple. Connect your Solana wallet, and when minting commences, click the “Mint” button on and approve the transaction in your Wallet.

The mint date is 2021-October-13 GMT 06:00 am. Mint price is going to be determined soon!

Your Soltato NFT will be sent to the wallet you purchased via in a matter of minutes.

All individual attributes of the Soltatoes have been designed by hand, and algorithmically generated using custom code. There are 119 attributes across 8 categories – these categories include body, background, expression, glasses, head/hair, mouth accessories, limbs and wearables.

With these combined, it gives a total mathematical combination of millions of unique Soltatoes – but with only 10,000 being minted, some are more unique and rare than others.

We are a bunch of friends that are passionate about decentralization, Solana, and NFTs. Our core principles are creating best possible NFT user experience and contributing to Solana’s budding NFT ecosystem.

Yes, royalties are set at 5%. 50% of all sales will go to the DAO Treasury for further expansion of Soltato Metaverse (subject to review).